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Getting Personalized Products Near You

Who doesn't want a personalized product for themselves and their loved ones? We just don't provide customization but remain so particular and precise in our working. All the products are being given personalized touch. We provide a wide range of services viz custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, customized apparel printing, and customized gift.

Eventually, we have the expertise on working on all kinds of fabrics. Come to us for getting a personal touch on all your t-shirt. You could always buy a customized T-shirt from our website.

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Covering Area

Stockton and Lodi California 20 to 30 mile radius.


Same Day Pickup and No Minimum Order.

Business hours

11 AM to 7 PM Mon to Sat. Sunday Closed.


A while back i bought a custom t-shirt for my personal usage. frankly speaking the build quality of the t-shirt is very good also with the print. I also got the same day delivery. very satisfied with the product.

Carlo Romero

Carlo Romero

As a big lover of hoodies I always find different types of hoodies and recently bought a custom hoodie from Custom T-Shirt. The hoodie is very comfy and the print quality is excellent.

Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes

The product itself is of good quality. I bought this custom mug as a fathers day gift for my dad. The print quality on the mug is wonderful. I am very happy with my purchase.

Morgan Amituanai

Morgan Amituanai